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For those who believe there is no need to participate in politics, think again! Watch this Unbelievable demonstration of how Clueless conservative representatives are becoming, thanks to framing.

The common reason people tend to give about why they are reluctant to get involved in politics, much less pay attention is because it doesn’t affect them.  All of this is about to change once you watch this brief interview on Jon Stewart’s the daily show. Aasif Mandvi conducted an interview with Wanda Brown, a member of Missouri’s State House of Representatives regarding the ridiculous notion of workplace discrimination against gun owners.  Besides the fact that this is not taking place, federal law already protects the rights of gun owners.  In what is clearly a demonstration of utter ignorance, Wanda Brown is not only unaware of what is happening in her own state’s House of Representatives, but apparently is unaware of her own actions in voting against a real discrimination issue.

This interview is a perfect illustration of how utterly misinformed conservatives are becoming, thanks to the echo chamber on the right spoon feeding them their talking points.  More importantly, people like Wanda Brown are becoming elected in state after state with the help of special interest money, courtesy of the citizens united Supreme Court decision, and are blindly introducing and passing laws once they get into office that will have a detrimental impact on our lives.  In this particular case, her actions have a negative impact on the gay community. Tomorrow her actions may have a negative impact on women, and the day after that her actions may have a negative impact on those too disabled or elderly to work. Such attacks are already occurring in state legislatures where Republicans are in positions of power.  This clip not only reveals the true priorities of the Republican party, but also sheds light on what’s to come in the future if we keep electing people like Wanda Brown to positions of leadership.

This interview reveals how critically important the ideological divide has become in this country, and provides a glimpse into how this divide is being strengthened daily by those on the right to force their ideology onto the rest of us.  With the help of the right wing echo chamber, conservatives are “framing” Government as being a failure in order to prop up state’s rights, so special interest groups like ALEC can slip in the back door and pass model legislation across every state in the nation.  This is a win-win strategy for conservatives.   They get to use Frank Luntz talking points to blame Washington for our problems, while they sneak in the back door and carry out the very actions they are literally “framing” Democrats for.

In essence, the right wing think tanks have discovered that they can literally use ignorant people to their advantage by convincing them, (via framing) to introduce nonsensical legislation.  In this case, the bill introduced by Wanda Brown is already protected under the 2nd Amendment of the constitution, as pointed out by Aasif Mandvi during this interview. It appears that unbelievably misinformed people are being sought after and encouraged to run for public office, while special interest money is used to prop them up in the public eye as being competent to represent their interests.  A few examples that immediately come to mind include Sharon Angle from Nevada, Sarah Palin from Alaska, and who could forget “I’m not a witch” Christine O’Donnell from Delaware.  Once these Wanda Brown’s get into office, they blindly follow the direction they are provided by ALEC and other special interests, who fight to keep them in positions of power (as seen in the case of Scott Walker in Wisconsin).


Jon Stewart shows how Fox news “Frames” Class Warfare

Jon Stewart pointed out the other night on the Daily show how Fox news contributors and guests are actively ‘framing’ class warfare.

According to billionaire Warren Buffet, “While most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks, we have been coddled long enough.”

Coddling the rich, ironically, is what Fox news, and other advocates for the top .01 want us to believe about the poor in this country.  Here is just a sample of the framing attempts being made by a host of contributors from Ann Coulter to John Stossel (of all people).

“It is all out war on the productivity class in our society for the benefit of the moocher class”

“The makers and the takers”

“They want to take it from someone else”

“Parasites we have out there depending on Government”

AND my personal favorite from Ann Coulter, “Welfare will create generations of utterly irresponsible animals”

The goal of framing is to constantly repeat the same or a similar message (eg, demonizing the poor) as indicated above, and then, in true Orwellian fashion, take the opposite of this reality (eg, demonize the rich) and attempt to convince people that this frame represents reality.  In other words, “frame” your opposition for your actions, both linguistically and literally.  Thus, demonizing the poor becomes, demonizing the rich!   Watch this clip to see how Fox attempts to frame us.—the-poor-s-free-ride-is-over?xrs=share_copy

Basically, these frames are used to distract all of “us” from the real moochers, takers, and parasites, who have rigged the system to “their” advantage, via manipulating the tax code, corporate welfare for transnational companies, welfare for corporate jets, paying poverty wages, outsourcing jobs, taxpayer-funded bailouts for big banks and austerity measures for all of “us”, and last but not least the 37,000 lobbyists in Washington who help make all this happen.

The bottom line: The ruling class find it necessary to say these things and frame reality in order to distract us from the devastating effects of income inequality that is literally destroying our very way of life.  (see the about section for more on this)

In order for a select few of “them” to buy a corporate jet, a third yacht, and second vacation home in the Hampton’s, all of “us” must suffer.  We end up taking a hit on our salaries, wages, benefits, pensions, extended work hours (unpaid, of course), loss of vacation time.  Some even lose our jobs, our homes, become bankrupt due to rising medical costs, and may find ourselves joining the 1 in 7 Americans who are below the poverty line.   The remaining jobs available are from wal-mart or some other transnational corporation paying poverty wages, which of course necessitate the need for food stamps.  If the select few who own the corporations decided to pay descent union wages, then there would be no need for people to become dependent on food stamps and other government programs that “they” (and those they have convinced with their frames) so eagerly point out as being a moocher or taker dependent on government.

Ironically, the same ruling class who rigs the system to their advantage use their political and economic power that they derive from exploiting all of “us” (particularly our labor) and use it against us via the right-wing echo chamber (fox news and others) to convince us that the very people that are exploited by these practices deserve to be poor because they are inherently lazy and do not wish to work hard.   They are quick to point out the end result of a chain of systemic causes (manipulating the tax code, election rigging, the 37,000 lobbyists in Washington buying off politicians, etc) without ever references how this process began, and why millions of people are joining the ranks of the poor, all thanks to income inequality.

When in reality, the simple truth is that “they” are only extraordinarily wealthy (top .01) because of shady practices, and exploitation of others, seemingly with no empathy whatsoever for the lives they destroy in the process.  To put it in perspective, the top 400 households in this country own more wealth than the bottom 50% of the population, or 154 million people combined!

As Jon Stewart pointed out on his show, the bottom 50% have a combined wealth of 1.45 trillion dollars, and would have to give up half of what they own (which is not much considering most are earning less than 22,350 per year for a family of 4) in order to raise revenue to the tune of 700 billion.

This truly is class warfare when fox news and other advocates of the top .01 are actively supporting the idea that the bottom 50% should pay more rather than close a few loopholes that the real parasites created to siphon off more of “our” tax dollars to “them” in the form of corporate jet subsidies, and other forms of corporate welfare the ruling class enjoy at our expense.  What?

Obviously this is another attempt to frame the public and convince “us” that we should be angry at those who are truly being punished, the poor in this country.

But then again, as Warren Buffet commented, his class is winning the war!

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