More emails: How Governor Murphy & staff failed to honor promises that were made!

This is an update to my story.  This follow up email was sent to Judy on 1/3/2020.
Hi Judy,
I hope you enjoyed the holiday.   Did you have a chance to read the information I sent?  Please let me know as soon as possible what your stance is after reading this information.  Also, I’m not sure why Donna never sent the information you promised to send me.  I copied you in on a previous email response I sent to her.  I’m asking you again, can you please send me the peer reviewed scientific information that you have read that was used to inform the opinion you have on the role adjuvants play in inducing autoimmunity.  As I mentioned during our conversation on the phone that you may be reading information that is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, in which case, this information is certainly biased.
I’m confident that once you read the information I sent, you and the Governor will have a more informed stance on this issue.  I look forward to hearing back from you.
Please note that in addition to being about science supporting the claims I am asserting, S2173 is about our right to be able to question the safety and efficacy of the vaccinations we will be forced to inject our children with, our right to a medical exemption if and when it is clear that our children’s lives may be at risk, our right to morally object to the ingredients in the vaccine, as well as our religious rights being violated.  No state or Government should have the power to decide these issues for us, nor should any state or Government be able to decide or dictate what our religious beliefs are.
I also sent a follow up email to Governor Murphy as well, since it was becoming clear to me that Judy Persichilli (Commissioner of Health) was failing to honor her commitments and the promises she made to me.  So, just in case, I decided to reach out to the Governor, via email. This email was also sent on 1/3/2020.
Hi Governor Murphy,
I hope you enjoyed the holiday.  I wanted to see if you had a chance to read the information I sent Judy Persichilli.  When I spoke to her on the phone two weeks ago, she mentioned that she had never heard of the ASIA syndrome. This was a big surprise to me, since this is peer reviewed scientific information that needs to be considered when making an informed decision on this issue.  I strongly encourage you to read this information.  In fact, I would like to request an in-person meeting, if possible to further discuss this issue.
During our phone conversation, Judy promised that she would take a look at the information that I sent her, and she agreed to send me the information she was able to read on this topic.  She delegated this responsibility to Donna, a member of her staff, who I have been in correspondence with as well.  However, Donna never sent the information as promised, and I replied to the email she sent me asking her if she would please send this information to me. (I also copied Judy in on this email)
I still haven’t heard a response from either Judy or Donna regarding this request.
At this point, I am still waiting for Judy to get back to me.  In fact, I just sent a reminder email today.  I also asked Judy if she would do me a favor and reach out to you asking if you would please call me back.  The website portal for inquires to speak with you is not working.  For this reason, I also called your office and left a message with Gabrielle asking if you would call me back.
It is very important that you read the information I sent Judy.  You mentioned during our phone call on the air that you would be interested in this information and that you will consider information on all sides of this issue.  With this promise being made, can you please let me know what your thoughts are after reading this information.  The reason why this is so critical, is because there is bill sitting on your desk that you have the power to veto. This bill is S1003, I believe.   The flu shots contain the dangerous ingredient squalene that causes Gulf War Illness.
I am confident that once you read the information I sent Judy, you will not only decide to veto S1003, but also veto S2173 if it happens to pass and reach your desk.   No one should be forced to take this!
I look forward to hearing back from you.
P.S. This issue is not about “passion” for me Governor Murphy.  This issue is about the safety and health of my children!
This issue is about protecting our religious freedoms!  This issue is about being able to express concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines that contain dangerous adjuvants that will cause autoimmunity.  If you are truly concerned with public health and the safety and well-being of the lives of NJ residents, then the very least you could do is meet with me to discuss this issue further.
The question is…
What will the Governor do with this information?  Will he call me back? Will he veto this legislation if passed?  There is still time for you to do the right thing here Governor Murphy.    

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