Good ol’ boy Chris Christie’s private joy ride!

This is amazing!  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided to take his wife with him to his son’s ball game today in a $2,500 per hour state-owned helicopter.  Then, if this wasn’t enough, he had to be driven the extra 100 yards in a black sedan (tinted windows, of course) to the field once he landed.  Who does this? Should we start calling him the Good ol’ Governor?  So, the tax payers of New Jersey paid $2,500 per hour to chauffeur his family around for the day.  To add insult to injury, he took this helicopter to a private meeting with his Good ol’ boy network (ie, a select few really rich guys) who are trying to convince him to run for president.  Since the purpose of this $12.5 million dollar tax payer funded helicopter was to be available to take citizens to the hospital in an event of an emergency, this begs the question, whose interests does the Governor have in mind?  Certainly not ours.  Wasn’t he the guy who claimed we need to tighten our belts and live within our means.  Where’s the so-called, “shared sacrifice”?  Oh, I forgot, this only applies to all of “us”, not a select few of “them”.


2 thoughts on “Good ol’ boy Chris Christie’s private joy ride!

  1. Just one more example of how Republicans consitently support only the rich. It also appears as if it is only “big, wasteful, government spending” if it is being spent by Democrats and going to poor people. Its not “big government” when it is used for tax subsidies to corporations, bloated military budgets, and helicopter rides. The hypocracy has no end.

  2. This not surprising stunt from Christie “weighs” in not only on the taxpayer funded but the other examples he is setting. ” Its okay to have a car drive you 300 feet…..telling the rapidly growing overweight children of our state and NATION, being overweight and lazy is okay and will get you elected!

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