Watch how Frank Luntz, the guy who lies for a living, manipulates the public.

Who is Frank Luntz?  Briefly, he is the guy responsible for crafting specific language that is intended to guide our thinking in a certain direction.  This language is then repeated over and over on Fox news and other corporately controlled media outlets until others start repeating it and it becomes common knowledge.   This is what is called framing, in a nutshell, and works similar to schemas in psychology.

To see Frank “The Liar” Luntz’s work in action, check out the frame he created to direct our attention away from providing health care to our citizens in favor of thinking that this type of legislation would allow Government to stand between you and your doctor.  (which is precisely what insurance companies do)

This video SAYS it all!  (GOP parrots Frank Luntz)

This isn’t the only frame this guy is responsible for.

Frank “The Liar” Luntz is responsible for much of the misinformation and out-right lies about a host of issues from health care reform, framed as “Government take-over of healthcare”, global warming framed as “climate change”, immigration issues, framed as “illegal immigration” and budget and tax policy, framed as “tax relief”.

These are a few of his latest and greatest hits, revealing how he gets paid to lie for a living, and manipulate the public to hate each other, vote against their self-interest, and perpetuate a system of income inequality that transfers wealth from the middle-class and working poor up to the very people who pay Frank Luntz to lie for a living.

Who are these people?  Those in the top 0.1%, who benefit enormously by exploiting the shit out of us!

With the help of this Liar, we are being manipulated by framing to blame poor people and immigrants for destroying our economy and taking our jobs, to vote against life saving protections of the air we breathe and water we drink, for providing all citizens with healthcare, and to provide corporate welfare and more of our tax dollars to the very corporations and exorbitantly wealth people who stand to benefit by perpetuating all of the lies Frank Luntz helps to create.


4 thoughts on “Watch how Frank Luntz, the guy who lies for a living, manipulates the public.

  1. The brainwashing of our society is not on party lines like so many of us would like to believe. The us 99% and them the 1% is the battle. Fear is our greatest enemy Luntz is using it and often.

  2. Frank Luntz is the guy who has framed the conversation for the past twenty five years, along with Grover Norquist and N. Leroy Gingrich. They have turned the world into a “Wonderland” or sorts. “Liberal” is a derisive term. It’s the “Democrat” Party, not the Democratic Party. And it’s “Global Warming,” not Climate Change. It’s these things that continue to drive a wedge through America. And yet he goes on the teevee and denies it all. But he was the one who wrote the anti-tax pledge for Grover and the “Contract with America” for Gingrich. He is as complicit as anyone in this parlor game of three-card-Monte that the Rethugs are playing every day on Fixed News.

  3. Sorry, but I was forced to take down the video insert. For some reason the link to the video I personally uploaded has been changed! I happened to re-visit this post recently, and discovered an entirely different pro-GOP video “collection” in place of my original video. The original video I uploaded was very short and to the point. It focused specifically on the GOP parroting Frank Luntz talking points. I apologize to anyone who saw this series of videos instead of my actual video. Interestingly, I checked my blog and discovered the original link is still inserted in my post. I have no idea why this video collection appears in place of the video I chose. Hopefully, my other videos were not tampered with and have remained the same.

    This video is searchable under “GOP parrots Frank Luntz”

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