Newt Gingrich holding true to the memo he crafted with Frank Luntz

By now many people are aware of Newt’s Gingrich’s preference for multiple partners while being married, or as his 2nd wife put it, “he wanted an open marriage.”  She should know.  After all, Newt cheated on his 1st wife with her!

Since this story broke right before the South Carolina primary, it was inevitable that he would receive a question regarding the claims made by his 2nd wife.

The question he was asked was, “At a time when you were having an affair, you came to her and asked her for an open marriage.” Would you care to comment on that?

Holding true to the memo he crafted with the help of Frank “The Liar” Luntz, watch how he applies what he learned by completely avoiding the question.  Instead, he resorts to using negative language to blast the commentator for asking the question, and purposely distracts our attention away from his adulterous acts by focusing on the classic “liberal media” frame.

In 1994, Newt Gingrich circulated a memo entitled, “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control.”

This memo describes how Republicans should talk about themselves using positive words such as, moral, lead, courage, reform, vision, success, family, prosperity, and hard-work.

What a coincidence.  Newt Gingrich portrays himself as a family man with morals, who has vision and is able to lead us into prosperity by encouraging hard work.

Interestingly, this memo also describes how Republicans should talk about their opponents by using words that actually describe the behavior of radical conservatives, such as destructive, abuse of power, corrupt, cheat, selfish, greed, intolerant, steal, disgrace, and shame to name a few.

What better way to distract from your radical views and behavior than to ‘frame’ the opposition for your actions.

By the way, Newt Gingrich was the one who led the charge to impeach former President Bill Clinton for actions similar to his own.  Talk about hypocrisy!

On a less serious note, take a look at Stephen Colbert’s take on Newt Gingrich’s immoral behavior.



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