The strategy of “Framing“ the Democrat for GOP actions may backfire and shed light on what’s really going on in the GOP (George Orwell Party).

The GOP (George Orwell Party) really hedged their bets this time by airing a whopper of a commercial during the Superbowl on Sunday.  With an estimated 111 million people tuned in, the GOP is trying to branch out and test their radical agenda beyond the safe zone of Fox news.   Here is how the George Orwell Party is trying to “frame” us.

As can be seen in this short commercial advertisement, Republican candidates are no longer shy about their blatant attempts to “frame” the opposition for actions they are responsible for committing, such as driving up the deficit through military and war spending, (framed as “tax & spend Liberal”) taking our jobs away by shipping them overseas, (framed as “free trade”) and more importantly, borrowing money to give to the super-rich in the form of tax cuts and corporate welfare (framed as providing incentives to “job creators”).

For an accurate picture of what is really happening, simply take the following quote crafted by the George Orwell Party in this commercial and substitute Pete Hoekstra for Debbie Stabenow, since Pete is guilty of the actions he is “framing” Debbie for.

“Debbie spends so much money” becomes “Pete spends so much money.”

As usual, the Democrats must play defense against the radical right wing’s “framing” attempts.  In this case, they fought back with a website calling out Pete Hoekstra for what he is, a hoax.

“When a politician is trying to tell people he’s the exact opposite of what he really is, that’s an all out hoax–and politician Pete Hoekstra is trying to perpetrate an incredible Hoax on the people of Michigan.”

Framing Debbie Stabenow for Pete Hoekstra’s spending habits is just the tip of the iceberg.  The GOP is also responsible for “framing” Democrats for other issues pointed out in this commercial as well, such as our ailing economy and national deficit.

“Pete Hoekstra is launching attacks about the national debt–and his attacks couldn’t be more hypocritical. While in Congress, Hoekstra voted for the Wall Street bailout, budget busting tax cuts for millionairs and billionaires, giveaways to special interests and trillions more in deficit spending. Pete Hoekstra says he’s “Pete Spend-it-not”–he’s actually Pete-Spend-a-lot”

In the end, the strategy of “framing” Democrats for actions committed by the GOP will hopefully backfire, since they are essentially directing our awareness to their actions.

The only thing we have to do know is realize that we are being framed, and redirect the frames to the party responsible in order to assign proper blame before this strategy becomes effective at convincing more than a just a few tea-party folks.




2 thoughts on “The strategy of “Framing“ the Democrat for GOP actions may backfire and shed light on what’s really going on in the GOP (George Orwell Party).

  1. Here is another example of accusing the opposition of what one is guilty of: remember all the drama with president’s Obama birth certificate to proof he is US citizen and therefore is eligible to be US President? It was all over media and even after he released his birth certificate there are still people who do not believe he was born in US. Guess what! It was actually Obama’s presidential race opponent John McCane who’s natural born citizen status was under question as he was born in Panama Canal Zone and – check out the article in NY Times

    It looks like the GOP was trying to frame Obama to divert attention from McCane, and it is interesting that I did not hear about this once in the media!

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