Making the facts fit the frame: Cherry picking biased data to make the claim that union members support “Right to work” legislation.

The National Right to Work Committee, a right wing group, recently cited a single question from an 18-page survey conducted by Frank “The Liar” Luntz as proof that union workers support “right to work” legislation.

For those who are unaware, Frank Luntz is the guy who specializes in the creation and use of deceptive language to convince the general public to vote against their self-interest by supporting bad legislation.

“Here is the question Luntz’ pollsters asked union members across the country…”

Please tell me whether you strongly agree, somewhat agree, somewhat disagree or strongly disagree with the following statement: “Workers should have the right to decide whether to join a union. They should never be forced or coerced to join or pay dues to a union as a condition of employment.”

Responses to this single survey question was offered as proof that 80% of union members agree that right-to-work is the best policy.

Wait a minute!!  Notice the obvious deception in trying to convince us that “right to work” literally means forcing someone to join a union.

Hopefully, people can see that this question is framed in such a way as to practically guarantee the desired response.  Responses that are then used to justify the implementation of a radical piece of legislation that will take away the very rights and freedoms the GOP (George Orwell Party) claim to be in favor of protecting.

It is important to point out this survey conducted by Frank “The Liar” Luntz was commissioned by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, who’s motto is “Defending America’s workers from the abuses of compulsory unionism since 1968”

With a slogan like this, no wonder why they commissioned a professional liar to make sure their biased “facts” fit the frame.

Radical right wing groups who conjure up and then use this framed data are trying to convince the rest of us to support “right to work” laws because it will make it illegal to force people to join a union.

Think of how absurd this sounds.  The “right to work” frame claims that it is protecting someone’s right to not join a union.   If someone doesn’t want to work for a union, then they simply will not apply for a union position.  Case closed.  No one is forced to work for a union in this country.  (Hence the need for a frame that says otherwise)

In reality, if “right to work” laws pass, our right to work for a union will be taken away, and “we the people” will not be able to join or form a union to protect ourselves against the abuses of vulture capitalism.  So, when these corporate vultures decide to lower our wages, reduce our benefits, phase out our pension plans, and reduce or eliminate safety standards in the workplace, (all of which are occurring in states that have adopted “right to work” laws), we will be defenseless to stop it!

As can be seen by this chart on the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s website, the radical right wing is winning the war against workers in this country.  The “right to work” frame is being used, along with Frank Luntz’s cherry picked data to systematically take away people’s rights all over the country to join or form unions to protect themselves against the abuses being inflicted upon them in their respective states.




One thought on “Making the facts fit the frame: Cherry picking biased data to make the claim that union members support “Right to work” legislation.

  1. Losing the battle on the two minute media front day in and day out is where workers are being fooled by the far right. If the unions and there supporters do not take on this stupidity inbthe same fashion, we will all be working for 8.00 an hour. It the gop is truly concerned of the united states becoming a welfare state, they might consider what value unions have. They aren’t, its just another frame. Where will it all end? Maybe a revolution.

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